The Story Behind The Brand

The owner of Precision Watch Enterprise, Paul Low, started his passion in horology in the mid 1980s where he was a avid antique watch collector. Over the decades he has had his hands on various rare and unique watches and had collected a huge amount of genuine Rolex parts during his early years of antique watches collecting.

In 1998 Paul turned his love for watches into a full time job, where he started Precision Watch Enterprise, a small business dealing mainly in Rolex watches to fund his expensive hobby. Not only is Paul knowledgeable in antique Rolex watches, he knows a thing or two about all contemporary Rolex models too.

Learning the art of watch restoration throughout the many years of watches collecting, Paul has restored many time pieces, bringing them back to their glory. With the vast collection of genuine Rolex parts collected over the years, he is able to provide the best restoration with the right parts to your beloved time pieces.

Now he would like to share his passion of horology with the world.

Through this website, Paul wishes to reach out to all the Rolex collectors around the world. Sharing his knowledge of antique watch restoration with all watch lovers out there.

Other than sharing knowledge, Paul would like to share his restorations and findings with all watch lovers out there too. Precision Watch Enterprise deals mainly in Rolex watches, past and current models. 

Other than buying & selling Rolex watches, Precision Watch Enterprise also provide polishing, servicing and valuation services of branded watches.

Keep a look out on our website as from time to time, we will put up Rolex watches available for sale in our shop. All listed prices are in Singapore dollars (SGD). Just drop us an email to enquire about the watch or come down personally to have a look and feel the watch on your wrist.

For all enquiries, please send your email to

Please note that Precision Watch Enterprise is not affiliated to Rolex in any alliances. All Rolex logos, trade marks, service marks, trade names and designs are copyrights of Rolex. Precision Watch Enterprise is a 2nd-hand Rolex dealer and not an Authorised Rolex Dealer.